Instant Gratification!

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Crown Mini Sampler

Crown Mini Sampler

Ever need a little instant gratification?

In between those big projects sometimes you need one that you can finish. Now.

Or maybe you want a small project — something so portable it will fit in your pocket.

And, if you’re like me, every once in a while you plan to stitch a gift for a special occasion and that special occasion sneaks up on you.

You want to make something nice but you have a day, not a week! But you sure don’t want it to look like it.

This is when you need a quick ‘n classy project. Today’s design has the feel of a band sampler with its crown motif, traditional flowered vine, and sampler style numbers. But at just over 2” square (on 14-ct fabric) and only using cross stitches, you’ll stitch it up in nothing flat.

I stitched the original on linen but it can be stitched on Aida as well. When working on a fabric with a stitch count of 14 – 16 stitches per inch, use two strands of floss.

Crown Sampler on Hinged Wooden Box

Crown Sampler on Hinged Wooden Box

I mounted my mini sampler on a hinged wooden box with some padding so I could use it as a pin cushion. It would look lovely with a wide mat and a simple frame, creating an accent piece for any room in a home.

You’ll note the date — 1997! This design is from my vintage files. I hope you enjoy it. Be sure to let me know! Want more? Visit my store at

To download a pdf file of this chart, click on this link: Crown Mini Sampler

Now, go stitch!

.~ . ~ .~ . ~ .~ . ~ .~ . ~ .~ . ~ .~ . ~ .~ . ~ .~ . ~ .~ . ~ .~ . ~ .~ . ~ .~ . ~ .

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